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To help you navigate the world of online dating, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to find love online. And it doesn’t have to be scary—this is the 21st century, after all! Want more? We’ve also got a post specifically on online dating, plus a full-length walkthrough guide to online dating in hopes of easing your anxiety. Image via Shutterstock Step 0: Before you begin searching for love online, it’s important to understand that online dating has changed drastically in the past five years. Sure, the Internet has always made finding love easier and easier. But for the past five years, the way that dating has moved online is unlike any time before. First, there are many more dating sites, apps, and websites that are trying to serve the same purpose, so you need to know how to choose which one is best for you. Second, those sites offer many more opportunities for people to meet, but also many more new things that you need to learn. Third, the people involved in these sites might be more desirous of finding a specific relationship rather than just a date, so you’ll need to know how to use a dating site that caters to your desires. Lastly, the way that people meet on sites like these has changed drastically. Many sites have recently focused on easy-to-use mobile apps rather than simply offering the “Land of Hope and Glory” website of old. This has not only changed the way that you meet people, but the game rules as well. These sites have done a lot to make meeting new people easier and have taken many of the things that used to make online dating scary and made them fun. So, whether you’re looking for an internet date, a coffee date, a one-night stand, or a serious relationship, you have to understand the changes and know what you’re looking for. It’s important to make sure to have a partner site if you’re looking for a serious relationship. But it’s also important to know that you can still be scammed by scammers. The same is true when you’re going to use a dating site. Just make sure to read up on it before you sign up and don’t be afraid to ask if you have questions. Don’t use the name of someone you aren’t comfortable with because of your past experiences. (Just be sure to ask if they’re okay with you using their name first.) If you’re seeking out someone who
Meeting Women You Should Actually Tell Photo by nekoo Whatever your preconceived notions are about online dating sites, dating apps, and how they work, here’s the thing: The way things currently work is rather simple. You sign up for an online dating site or app, put together a picture that’s as appealing as possible, and upload a witty 140-character bio detailing the things you like. You play a little online game that teaches you how to communicate effectively with women in order to find something in common. It’s pretty easy, right? And while that is all true, it’s not entirely satisfying, because it basically isolates the dating process to the use of a computer. You’re not actually dating anyone, and you’re not meeting women (or men) in real life—you’re just typing to them from your little landline or cellphone. One of the best ways to approach dating is by going outside your comfort zone. Jump outside your social circle and meet some new people. Chances are, you’ll end up meeting someone who is a total opposite of your friend group, someone who will broaden your social perspective. This is how you meet women. So, What If It’s Someone From Social Media? It’s extremely unlikely that anyone on the Internet is going to be interested in a hypothetical human being who has never met them and with whom they share no common interests. But dating isn’t as simple as it might seem. So, if you happen to be in the market for a relationship, here are a few things you should know: It’s getting easier to meet people, thanks to online apps and sites, like OkCupid. Despite what its name suggests, OkCupid is an online dating site. It’s actually a little more than that, but it’s still an online dating site, and now one of the biggest in the world. If you want to meet women through your computer, this is probably the easiest way. Your picture is the most important thing. Photo by pitchblack The rules about dating on OkCupid are fairly simple, and they are extremely similar to those of dating sites and apps like The number one rule: You have to have a great picture and, more importantly, you have to be appealing to the people who are on the site. This isn’t the place to be overly vain, but it is the place to look your best, whether

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