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A lightweight, yet powerful, quick-and-easy tool that allows you to quickly add transparency to any window.
Luciano Bordignon


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AlphaXP Lite 1.0.4

AlphaXP Lite 1.0.4 (beta)


AlphaXP Lite is a lightweight, yet powerful, quick-and-easy tool that allows you to quickly add transparency to any window.

No need to go through all your windows, just launch AlphaXP Lite and drag any window of your choice on top of it. Then, go to the Transparency tab in the main window, and change the transparency level of the selected window.


The app is capable of adding transparency to any active window, but also to the Taskbar, with the latter already highly-customizable in the last Windows release.

There are only a few options at your disposal and this can be only good news because simplicity is always greatly appreciated when it comes to this kind of apps.

For example, it allows you to set up a shortcut to instantly add transparency to an active window, but also to adjust the transparency level of the taskbar.

Sadly, there’s no dedicated option to define a list of windows you wish to automatically add transparency to, so you need to perform this task manually every time.

AlphaXP Lite works only on older Windows releases, including Windows XP, as such an app wouldn’t make much sense on Windows 7 workstations, since transparency is already a built-in option here.

All things considered, AlphaXP Lite deserves a chance, especially because it can tweak the visual interface of the operating system. It doesn’t require more than basic computer knowledge and a decent Windows workstation, as the performance footprint is only minimal.

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A lightweight, yet powerful, quick-and-easy tool that allows you to quickly add transparency to any window 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a small tool with the main purpose of making you a more productive. The basic functions of the software are to turn letters, numbers and symbols into keys, as well as automate repetitive tasks.

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array :+ newValue
insert(array, position + 1, newValue)

So, for example, the first call to insert would be:

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