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Access all the resources and peripherals on our microcontroller boards using Visual BASIC, Visual C++ or other development tools that you are familiar with. Sample VC++ and VB programs and a standalone executable called Client51 is also provided. Easily build your own data acquisition, instrumentation or control system in a language of your choice. Possibilities are endless. ClientAPI includes: ClientAPI library; Help files for ClientAPI, ClientAPI ActiveX control, Data Logger and Server51; Visual C++ 6.0 example using ClientAPI; VB binaries and examples; Data Logger binaries and examples; Server51 BiPOM MicroIDE project. Give ClientAPI a try to fully assess its capabilities! NOTE: ClientAPI is free for academic and personal use only.







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This comprehensive development framework for microcontrollers provides a complete set of APIs from the basic electrical to the full control system to perform various types of data acquisition, instrumentation, interface and control. The application is written in the most familiar programming environment to the developer – Visual Basic, C++ or Visual BASIC. The ClientAPI control application provides an easy-to-use User Interface for the rich ClientAPI API. Cost is only an issue if you want to go high-speed or high-frequency. If your budget is $500-$1000, ClientAPI might be a good investment in your project. Examples and help for ClientAPI are available in the Client51 project. You should be able to obtain all of the other examples and binaries freely. For more information on ClientAPI: For a free evaluation copy of the ClientAPI library, ActiveX control, or Data Logger software: For a free evaluation copy of the ClientAPI server: For free technical support for ClientAPI: On Microchip’s Developer Network (MDN): MDN Description: MDN is a comprehensive web site that gives you a glimpse of the world of microcontrollers. How can I connect to a mysql database in 32-bit mode? I am trying to connect to my MySQL database from C# via MySQL connector (visual studio 2010) and Windows XP. But I am getting this error message: [MySqlException (0x80004005): The MySQL Network Packet (using password: NO) was not received.] And I know this is because of the 32-bit version of MySQL which doesn’t support the NO encryption. My question is, how can I connect to a database in 32-bit mode? Thanks, A: Use MySql.Data.dll from the MySQL connector. Q: What does rendering cache mean in Pandas? I am trying to understand the rendering cache mechanism in pandas, but I am not very well versed with python, so I am having a difficult time seeing how it works

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ClientAPI is a software library to control remotely a target microcontroller such as a PIC, AT91, TQFP32, TO-92, TO-99, C8051-based microcontroller. It provides a very powerful and easy-to-use interface for developers of instrumentation and data acquisition and control system projects. It supports communication over any type of physical layer, such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, WSPI and proprietary communication technologies. ClientAPI is based on a graphical programming environment. You can program the microcontroller from a Web browser using VNC or a proprietary ClientAPI software such as the Data Logger or the MicroIDE. The microcontroller can be programmed by a PIC programmer, a C8051 Microcontroller Emulator, a 16F84 MCU emulator or a VB6/VBA programmer. ClientAPI provides 6.5 years of available support from its original documentation with over 300,000 downloads and more than 3,500 references. ClientAPI supports any variation of a PIC or MCU that is available on the market, including all current and former PIC and MCU families such as: PIC32, PIC24, PIC18, PIC16, PIC12, PIC10, PIC8 and MC9 series. ClientAPI ADL4 has been a proven product on the market for several years, and is a development partner of more than 50 professional engineering firms including most of the major OEMs. ClientAPI ADL4 is part of a family of products called ADL4. ADL4 is a popular product that has been used for instrumentation control, data collection and display, data logging, and data acquisition as well as automotive applications. ADL4 provides over 7 years of development support. Features and abilities: – Fully flexible protocol support: support any physical layer, such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, WSPI and proprietary communication technologies. – A logical expansion of the previous ADL4 release, allowing the C8051 MCU to be used to build instrumentation controllers with multiples microcontrollers in a single package. – Unique Calibration and Optimization Process allows full control over the hardware gain, offset, and noise performance of various chips. – Efficient hardware calibration routines with in-circuit check of the calibration results. – Monolithic architecture with a single external state machine for each of the three physical layers ( 3a67dffeec

ClientAPI Activator Free

ClientAPI is a software library, a COM library for Windows and VxWorks . ClientAPI works with the Nordic APIs and COM objects. ClientAPI supports all major Nordic microcontrollers. Use ClientAPI to build your own application. ClientAPI comes as a library and can be loaded as a DLL. ClientAPI supports all major Nordic microcontrollers in two or three languages, IAR C, or on-chip VxWorks and Nordic. ClientAPI supports the following Nordic microcontroller families: MSP430, MSP430T, MSP43U, MSP430F, MSP432, MSP430F2, MSP430F23, MSP430F4, MSP430F22, MSP430F21, MSP430F51, MSP430F54 MSP430F51 features: CoMPartitionMultithread CoMPartitionThread to handle multitasking. PCD-enable PCD (PCD) to support interrupt driven user program. IEEE1394-address-ability IEEE 1394-address-ability to support IEEE 1394 to microcontroller application. Support for MSP430F072, T4, T5, T6, and F4 series. Support for MSP430F030, F071, F032, F033, F041, and F072 series. Support for MSP430F103, F301, F302, F303, F304, F305, and F306 series. Support for MSP430F073, F307, F308, F309, F3902, and F331 series. Support for MSP430F401, F402, F403, F404, F405, F406, F407, F408, and F408 series. Support for MSP430F411, F412, F413, F414, F415, F416, F417, and F418 series. Support for MSP430F511, F512, F514, F515, F516, F517, and F518 series. Support for MSP430F601, F602, F603, F604, F605, F606, F608, and F609 series. Support for MSP430F700, F701, F704, F702, F705, F

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ClientAPI is a platform-independent library which provides a uniform and powerful way of accessing hardware and software peripherals on microcontrollers. With ClientAPI, you don’t need to know how to program the microcontroller hardware but your program is still able to use it. ClientAPI is not intended for teaching microcontroller programming, but is an ideal tool for anybody who needs to communicate with microcontroller based devices and systems. With ClientAPI, you can: Access microcontroller peripherals such as I/O ports, timers, SPI, and other peripherals in a very uniform way Build software systems with a standard API on top of a single microcontroller Have a simple and easy to use way of writing hardware drivers Have a way of writing software drivers Use the standard API to write drivers for real-time or fixed-rate clock sources Use a standard API to control software real-time or fixed-rate clock sources Have a way of writing software drivers Build software systems with a uniform API on top of multiple microcontrollers Have a way of writing hardware drivers for multiple microcontrollers Have a way of writing software drivers for multiple microcontrollers Use the standard API to control hardware clocks for multiple microcontrollers Have a way of accessing software peripherals such as timers and other peripherals Have a way of opening and closing ports Have a uniform way of accessing and controlling different peripherals Have a way of accessing and controlling different clock sources Use the standard API to get or set system-level variables A: VC++ I think this will help a lot: VB This link is pretty good too, since it has a section on Clientside vb programming. Teeny Tiny “Peachy” Pebbles.”I love staring into Peaches eyes, she makes me feel wonderful and makes me fall in love with her! And this Peachy pebbles collection is a loving tribute to Peaches back in her teens!” Peaches Peachy Pebbles To view these images, you need to install Adobe Flash Player. This site requires the use of JavaScript, and possibly the use of a 32bit version of the Adobe Flash Player. Your browser does not currently have this feature, and we do not know how

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