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CHM IFilter allows you to index and search content of Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files.
Compiled HTML Help is Microsoft’s Help authoring system for online and offline documents.
CHM IFilter is available in Server and Workstation Editions.
CHM IFilter Server Edition is a server-side solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It integrates with Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal Server, WSS, Site Server, Exchange, SQL Server and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology. CHM IFilter Server Edition also includes all the functionality of the Workstation Edition.
CHM IFilter Workstation Edition makes it possible for end users to search CHM files on their desktops. It can be installed on Windows desktop operating systems and seamlessly integrates with MSN Desktop Search, Indexing Service and Windows File Search.
■ 30 days trial







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■ Enable or disable IFilter from the Administrative Tools menu
■ Select active or inactive Web search provider (Server or Workstation Edition)
■ Configure search indexing (Server or Workstation Edition)
■ Tagging, bookmarking and folder operations (Server Edition only)
■ Download the free version of CHM IFilter 2022 Crack at
■ Extract the CHM IFilter Setup.msi package on your Windows® PC
■ Open CHM IFilter by double-clicking CHM IFilter Setup.msi
■ Follow on-screen prompts to install the file
■ Upon completion, CHM IFilter is configured and ready to be indexed and searched.
■ Customizing IFilter is easy and can be performed via the CHM IFilter application user interface or via the command line interface. The -configure command-line parameter allows you to customize IFilter’s configuration for indexing CHM content.
■ To setup and configure IFilter, you must download the Sample Files, found on the CHM File Indexing section of the Web Help and Favorites indexing section, from
■ You can also directly request the user interface documentation for CHM IFilter at
Please Note:
■ Downloading the active, or non-active, version of CHM IFilter is the same as installing the file.
■ CHM IFilter is compatible with all Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP operating systems.
■ Indexing, Searching, and Tagging are supported by Windows® 2000, Windows® XP and Windows® Vista.
■ Indexing functionality is not available for Windows® 95.
■ The Web Help and Favorites indexing section must be manually installed using the Web Page Management utility.
■ Tagging, bookmarking and folder operations are supported by both Server and Workstation Editions of CHM IFilter.
Please Note:
■ Tagging only supports addition of tags to CHM file index data
■ Bookmarking only supports bookmarking of file index data

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■ Indexes CHM files to allow you to search online and offline help documents.
■ Supports multiple CHM files on a single index.
■ Can search CHM content of documents on the internet (Online Search) and on network shares (Offline Search).
■ Indexes files in Portable Document Format (PDF) and Word document formats as CHM files.
■ Can index up to 4GB per index.
■ Allows you to search and filter help content of multiple files on one index.
■ Supports indexing and searching of the content of Microsoft Word documents and DHTML Help files.
■ Allows the Indexer Server to stop indexing when it is low on memory.
■ Allows the Indexer Server to self-monitor indexing and pause (stop) indexing when system errors occur.
■ Allows the Indexer Server to stop (pause) indexing when system errors occur.
■ Can customize the content that is indexed.
■ Can index and search contents of CHM files from Microsoft Office Help (HTML Help, MSDN,.CHM), PDF and other Word, DHTML and WinHelp document formats.
■ Supports Microsoft Indexing Service and Windows File Search (Searching from Windows Explorer).
CHM IFilter License:
Free Trial 30 days
Free Trial License:
■ Workstation Edition: Free
■ Server Edition: Free
■ Free Maintenance: Free
■ Free Training: Free
■ Free Customization: Free
Additional Information:
■ For additional information visit:

■ For news related to CHM IFilter visit:

■ Customer support related to CHM IFilter can be obtained by calling:

Support Request Related to CHM IFilter:
■ If you have a support request related to CHM IFilter, please send your request to:

The License Agreement for CHM IFilter:
■ CHM IFilter License Agreement:
“Microsoft Corporation (“MSI”) and TechMan

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What’s New In?

What is this product?
CHM IFilter is a server-side component for Microsoft® Search that indexes and searches CHM (Compiled HTML Help) files. With this component, you can index and search CHM files in your environment. It integrates with Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal Server, WSS, Site Server, Exchange, SQL Server and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology.
Package Components:
■ CHM IFilter server: this is a free component and can be easily upgraded to the “Extended” version.
■ (optional) CHM IFilter Workstation: this component adds CHM file searching and indexing functionality to Windows.
■ Microsoft® Windows® operating system: required to install CHM IFilter on the server.
How to use this product:
In order to use this component, you must first install Internet Information Server and configure it to work with CHM files. Download, and follow the instructions on the CD included with the product. Follow the instructions on the DVD you receive for the installation of your desired version of CHM IFilter, then complete the following wizard steps:
■ Step 1: Choose a location where you want to store the files.
■ Step 2: Specify the account under which your CHM IFilter Server will be operated.
■ Step 3: Specify a password for the account, then click on the “Next” button.
■ Step 4: Choose “Start”, then enter the IP address of the component you wish to access.
■ Step 5: Accept the EULA, then click the “Next” button.
How to migrate from previous version to new version:
If you have upgraded from a previous version of CHM IFilter, there are a few steps you must complete in order to get the new functionality:
■ Start a new installation from the new version CHM IFilter.
■ In the wizard, select “Automatic Upgrade”, and remove the previous version.
What is a CHM file?
The CHM file format provides a way to organize and present extensive documentation in a more user-friendly, interactive format than traditionally found on traditional books and diskettes. A help file can be presented in a window with multiple documents side-by-side. One help file can be used to display a variety of documents, including

System Requirements:

* The mouse and keyboard must be connected to the computer.
* The mouse must be compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7.
* The mouse’s light must be on, not flashing, and must function when you move the mouse.
* The USB cable must be connected to the mouse and to the computer.
* The computer must be running Windows® 7.
* The computer’s sound device must be turned on and functioning.
* The computer must be able to run notepad.
* The[email protected]/post/image-tools-4-02-1029-1-crack-32-64bit-updated-2022–Crack–License-Keygen-PCWindows.pdf

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