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– Keys to press are also represented in MIDI notation, so you can know which key you should press to play each note.
– Numbers in the lower right corner represent the note number.
– Each note is available in three different colors (bright yellow, dark blue and dark red)
– Each saxophone is also available in three different colors (bright yellow, dark blue and dark red).
– Press the middle gray area on the right to scroll down the tabs (used for playing the flute, the alto saxophone and the baritone saxophone)
– Press and hold the middle gray area on the left to toggle between the tabs (the application will switch to the flute tab automatically)
– Press the right gray area to switch between the different notes (three keys, one per note)
– Press and hold the middle gray area to change the alto saxophone’s tempo (from slow to fast)
– Press and hold the gray area in the top right corner to play the saxophone (press each time to play a note)
– Press and hold the gray area in the lower right corner to activate the solo feature (press each time to play a note, and the application will play the note on its own, without the need to press another key)
– Press and hold the gray area in the lower right corner to activate the octave feature (press each time to play a note in the desired octave)
– Press and hold the gray area in the lower right corner to deactivate the octave feature (press each time to play a note in the desired octave)

* New features in ALTO SAX PLAYER 1.2:
– New interface: Alto Sax Player has been upgraded to look better and provide a more intuitive user experience.
– Added octave detection: you can now modify your in-game baritone saxophone to play in any octave.
– Added new colors: added red, yellow and green for the flute, alto saxophone and baritone saxophone.

## What’s new in Alto Sax Player
– New UI: piano and electric guitar are now included inside the main window, which makes it easier to learn to play an electric guitar.
– New features: added a new tab to the main window: “Piano”
– New feature: you can now use your electric guitar to play notes of the piano, just press the appropriate keys on the keyboard to d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is an application for sending and receiving key strokes via serial line or USB.
This application is used to create an easy solution for sending or receiving keystrokes from your computer to any external device. You can program the software in such a way that it will receive keystrokes and display them on your keyboard. The keystrokes can be sent to the external device or device can send keystrokes to the computer. It’s a combination of both.
It can also be used to control a computer via keyboard. It is easy to set up and control the remote computer.You can set the software to receive one, several or all keyboard keys.
-Advanced Keyboard Mode (Sticky Keys)
-Receive and control PC via USB
-Receive and control PC via Serial Line
-Mouse Control
-Keyboard Key Commands (Send and Recieve)
-Software Defined Radio (SDR)
-Key Macro
-Work with most of the Micro Soft Windows OS
-GUI User Interface
-Software Help Document
-Windows installer.
-Download Screenshot (The interface will not look good on some laptops screens).
What’s New:
-This version includes the module for receive and control a computer from keyboard with Mouse
-The interface now looks better
Changes from the previous version:
-Some bugs and small improvements have been fixed
-The mouse is not displayed while using USB and Serial Interface
-The GUI is now less opaque and small changes in the interface
License Agreement:
1. Your personal information will not be transmitted or shared with anybody.
2. The person who made this application is authorized to use this application under the following conditions:
2.1. Your usage of the application will not violate any law, and this application will not be used for any illegal purpose.
2.2. You will not provide this application to anybody.
2.3. You will not make or distribute the application in order to make money.
3. You will not harm the reputation of the developer of this application.
4. You will not use the Application as a basis to apply for a patent.
Thanks for using the App and for any support we will provide to you.
Our feedbacks is our most important thing. If you like the app and want to support us, feel free to leave feedback for us on our website.
Our website:

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