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It sometimes happens during a photo shoot, particularly when working with multiple cameras, that the colors in pictures are slightly different and need adjusting, if they are to be integrated in the same slideshow, for instance, to avoid a disparate look. To achieve this adjustment, users can resort to LUT files, which store the color saturation values for pictures and even videos, allowing them to apply it to other files as well. There are many methods for generating such a file, and one of them is Briz Colors Matcher. Intuitive GUI, yet no help file to resort to In terms of user interface, the program is very minimalistic and easy to understand, as it only features one window, where users can perform all the required settings. While Briz Colors Matcher may not pose much of a problem to most people, it would have been useful to have a more detailed help file to guide users through working with it, in order to ensure satisfying end results; however, it features a few tips. Color-correcting pictures with a 3D LUT file Working with the application could not be any simpler. All users need to do is load the images into Briz Colors Matcher, namely the reference and the source pictures, in JPG, BMP, ICO, EMF or WMF formats, then begin adjusting the ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary Corrections’. As such, users can adjust the ‘Brightness’, ‘Chroma’ and ‘Softness’ values, applying them to preview the results. A toggle button lets users preview the effects. If they are content with the way things look, they can then click on ‘Create 3D LUT’, selecting the preferred output format type (Dolby DD3, Clipster 3D, Quantel 3D, 3DL Fusion, Codex 3D, etc), from a drop-down menu, then also specifying the destination folder and file name. A practical color-adjustment tool that outputs LUT files All in all, Briz Colors Matcher proves to be an effective and simple to handle piece of software that photographers can resort to whenever they are unhappy with the color of their shots.


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Briz Colors Matcher is an application designed to easily generate a 3D LUT file, in order to color correct other pictures. Unlike most color-matching applications, it does not resemble the standard 3D LUT file, but instead, it is a stand-alone application that only features very basic settings that should be easy to use for those unfamiliar with color correction. How to Change Adobe Premiere to ACR RAW Editor This Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video shows how to convert an existing FCP-X project to Adobe Camera Raw. The guide contains a complete list of actions that need to be done to meet the ACR workflow requirements. AudreyFeatures: This is a tutorial about How to Change Adobe Premiere to ACR RAW Editor. So, you can learn how to open the project in ACR editor, what should be changed and why. Hope it helps. 2:38 Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Pinnacle Studio Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Pinnacle Studio Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Pinnacle Studio Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software application that is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. It can be used as a video editor however it is not limited to that purpose. Editing video can be done with this application and then exported to any of the common video formats upon finishing, now that can be played back on computers and mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones. Adobe has a very easy to use editing interface within Premiere Pro. Adobe can be obtained for the cost of $300. As a Creative Cloud membership provides all of that cost for your entire membership period you can look at Adobe as free cost to the creative professional. Adobe provides resources such as webinars, training videos and knowledge base to assist members in solving problems. This video shows how to import a video, duplicate and trim the clips in the sequence, add titles and captions along with a logo. You will also learn how to add images to video and apply filters to video. Making Edits on Adobe Premiere Pro CC In this video we demonstrate the work flow of making edits on Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and show you how to match audio, add transitions, titles, credits, and graphics. 3:15 CATEGORYBIG ISSUES – S

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Edit 4K video online on one of the world’s top-rated editing software Users who are aware of the importance of 4K, will probably have realized that its emergence brought with it a number of challenges, one of which is the search for an editing tool that could make editing 4K video a simple task. However, all these years later, this same situation has not changed much, and hence users of this software application still have to look for a tool that will allow them to edit online 4K video without lagging, one that is also easy to use. Adobe Premiere Clip is said to be one of the most promising options for this purpose. Lack of user-friendly software application While the software is very easy to get acquainted with, its user interface, which is a bit unusual, means that those who are not familiar with video editing may find it a bit challenging to use. Additionally, it is not all that easy to handle since there are a number of tabs that users can navigate through, including the ‘Transform’, ‘Audio Mixer’, ‘Masking’, ‘Videohive’ and ‘Export’ tabs. Adobe Premiere Clip’s editing capabilities The special thing about Adobe Premiere Clip is that it offers a number of other features as well, including integrated Direct 3D hardware acceleration, which means that users can enjoy a number of effects in real time, and enhanced preview of picture-in-picture video effects. Additionally, a number of effects are also available for video, among which is 2D to 3D conversion, which users can apply to pictures and films, without any video streaming problems. All in all, Premiere Clip is an editing tool that offers a good deal to content creators, as it comes with a large number of editing tools, while also offering a number of effects and transitions that can be applied to movies or pictures, although the software could do with a more intuitive interface. Adobe Premiere Clip $20,99 / $39,99 Softube Spoon The first thing you’ll be thinking of when you hear the words “Spoon” and “Reverb” is probably harmonics, and no wonder, since they’re both commonly used to describe audio effects, but what most people don’t realize is that they’re used in a lot more creative projects than this. A

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Briz Colors Matcher is a simple, straightforward to use and practical color-correcting application that lets photographers to quickly and easily apply a wide array of color corrections to photographs and videos. The program is indeed composed of only a few windows that contain the most important configuration settings. This means that even the basic users can immediately begin working with the software, as will be done in this Briz Colors Matcher review. First things first, users can optionally save the settings of the adjustments and load them back at a later time, or undo them if they want to bring the correction back to its original state. Otherwise, a user-selected thumbnail image is displayed, and as such they can easily specify the corrections to be applied, through right-click shortcuts, so that the preview takes place after the settings are applied. An auto-save feature will automatically save the correction settings to a new file, so that there are no accidental modifications. On the other hand, a mouse double click will toggle the ‘Add 3D LUT’ function on and off, which enables a 3D LUT file, which in turn, will add three dimensions to the file, allowing it to further adjust color saturation and luminance. Users can also opt to save the setting as a Picture LUT (LUT file), a Video LUT (LUT file), a Clipster LUT (LUT file), a Dolby Editor LUT (LUT file), a Quantel LUT (LUT file), a 3DL Fusion LUT (LUT file), a Dolby DD3 LUT (LUT file) or a Quantel 3D LUT (LUT file). Prior to outputting the file, users can also preview the effects through a multiple of thumbnails, so that they can better see how the changes are distributed over the images. Moreover, a user-selected thumbnail image is displayed, but can be also changed, so that users can better control the output. A practical and simple program The only window that contains the whole configuration procedure is the ‘Settings’ window. As such, even the basic user can easily understand the whole procedure, though it requires some practice in order to go through it properly and apply the changes appropriately. The ‘Preferences’ window contains various options, including the thumbnails view, picture output format, color space, image size, LUT file output and automatic preview. As

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