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Key Management :
The Key Management feature provides a comprehensive suite of functions for using and managing keys and the encryption mechanism.
Encrypts/Decrypts data using the Key Management tool.
Key Exchange:
The Key Exchange feature enables an encrypted communication between the data processing components.
Key Recovery:
The Key Recovery feature enables an encrypted communication between the management component and the memory storage.
The Encryption/Decryption feature provides a suite of functions for encrypting and decrypting data.
AD RMS SDK is a Software Development Kit.

Watson is a domain name registrar with over 26 million unique users, over 46 million email registrations and over 42 million web and domain name registrations. They also offer DNS services and email hosting.
Watson offers 25 free domain name extensions with their WhoIsGuard service. With WhoIsGuard, your domain name is quickly verified and protected with over 100 of the most popular SSL certificates. So, you can use WhoIsGuard to provide your customers with an easier way to verify the legitimacy of your website.
Watson is the largest registrar of domain names in Europe, covering over 50 countries worldwide and operating in 190 countries. With over 26 million users, Watson is the largest registrar worldwide.


The MSDN DNS Security extension (msDNS) is a DNS software extension that defines an application-level security architecture for use with the Domain Name System (DNS)


MSDN DNS Security Extension


The MSDN DNS Security Extension (MSDN DNS) is a feature added to the Microsoft MSDN DNS servers that allows for the security of endpoints being able to be managed on the network, as well as a central location to manage the audit trail for DNSSEC related events that occurred on the system.

Security Association (SA)

A Security Association (SA) is a trust relationship between two participants of a security protocol.

Authentication Association

An Authentication Association defines a trust relationship between two parties where they can authenticate each other.

Certificate Authority

A Certificate Authority (CA) is an entity that is trusted to issue, and verify the authenticity of digital certificates.


A Certificate is issued by a CA to demonstrate that a subject has a certain identity 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a personal utility for Windows to define your own keyboard shortcut for your favorite Windows action.
It’s an all-in-one application for key-shortcuts: a single product that combines:
Key-slicing: Keep any combination of keys (that are not used to define normal shortcuts) to be used as separate shortcuts (i.e. you can define 3 shortcuts using the combination of “ESC,TAB” and “CTRL+1” and any other action).
Combine with predefined shortcuts: If you use a key combination for your normal shortcut, you can use any of the predefined shortcuts (e.g. print is combined with CTRL+P)
Define your own: Every time you define a new shortcut, you can use any key combination you want (even if it’s not on your keyboard)
Keymacro is a powerful tool for easy shortcuts for your Windows PC.
Keymacro does all the common action for you, like for example:
To open and close programs
To minimize and maximize windows
To go to the next/previous tab in the web browser
To go to the next/previous page in the web browser
To open the file explorer
To go to the beginning/end of the line
To open and close the Windows Start menu
To open and close the taskbar
To open the calculator
To start the calculator
To open and close the calculator
… and more!
Keymacro also includes a powerful feature that allows you to see/assign special key combinations like ENTER, Backspace, CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+T, CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y, CTRL+X, CTRL+W, CTRL+I, CTRL+U, CTRL+F, CTRL+J, CTRL+K, CTRL+;, CTRL+, CTRL-N, CTRL-P and CTRL-.
Keymacro can be installed and uninstalled very quickly and does not change any of your keys configuration, the only thing that you have to do is to change the keymacro.exe executable file (you can do this by right-clicking on it and select “Open with”).
Keymacro has an easy-to-use interface and provides a full help file.
Keymacro allows you to define all the possible shortcuts (that are already assigned by Windows) to any combination of keys (even if they are not on your keyboard).


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