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It is possible to open XML files with the Rinzo XML Editor, with all its features that can help to perform common tasks in your XML documents.
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When the Editor has been opened for the first time, you can click on the “…” option at the top right corner to open the Options dialog where you can adjust some of the most common settings that are used in the tool. It is possible to choose what kind of XML documents you can open with the Rinzo XML Editor (Advanced only), what kind of files the Editor can save and the text encoding to be used to convert the XML documents (UTF-8 or Unicode).
You can then leave the tool open and use it at will, all the time checking the XML document you’re editing and the changes you’ve made.
The Rinzo XML Editor can also open multiple documents at once and run them in different threads. This way, you can leave the Editor open, even while having other files open with other XML editors.
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WinTools QuickLook Description:
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It works for all the types of files that can be displayed with QuickLook, this includes PDF, RTF, PPT, SVG, TIFF, HTML, DOC, XML, PSD, XLS, XPS, MP

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