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■ Allows you to use the same Keymacro (one of the eight on the keyboard) to control midi notes in different parts of the instrument
■ You can enter multiple types of commands
■ You can have notes played in different parts of the instrument
■ With one simple keypress, you can change presets, generate arpeggios, turn sequencers on or off, control dithering/ no dithering and vary the pan and volume of the instruments
■ The factory presets have been pre-programmed to control the knobs on the keyboard and send midi messages, but you can use the masterknobs to control the midi messages
■ You can have other notes played
■ The overall settings can be saved and restored via MIDI
Version 2.5.0
Copyright 2013 CFX Company
1. Importing/Export:
2. Utilities:
3. Patches:
4. Screenshot:
About “CFX Industry”:
With the economy of the last few years, our first CFX product, Industry, was designed to be a powerful and easy to use instrument with lots of features at an affordable price. Industry is a next-gen classic analogue synth with all the latest CFX technology as well as a full color screen, a sequencer and lots of features not seen in other instruments.
1. WHAT’S NEW WITH CFX Industry:
2. Keymacro:
3. Patches:
Industry was designed to have a few “real world” instruments and the “industry” section has all of the features of that instrument. Each section can be called up at any time.
4. You can also assign the “AdLib” patch as an alternate instrument.
5. 8 user drawable waveshapers for each oscillator and effect
6. Multimode filters with ring mod and comb
7. 7 “active” filters.
8. The controls that work with Industry are in the top row, the ones that do not are in the bottom row.
9. Wave offset is available.
10. “Expect” gives you an idea of how you can use the instrument.
11. Each “patches” can be assigned to multiple instruments for polyphonic play.
12. The buttons in the lower right section 70238732e0

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This article may or may not be compatible with your version of macOS or iOS.

New iOS 11.4 Features
The new iOS 11.4 features include Group FaceTime, an activity tracker that lets you know how many steps you’ve taken, and a kids mode that lets you assign your phone to your kids’ handsets and configure multiple child devices at once.
Group FaceTime lets up to 32 users video chat via Wi-Fi or cellular data while in the same area
The feature lets you call up to 32 users (normally up to 16) and video chat with them at the same time.
You can also share a photo or video over a group chat and view photos from your contacts.
It is suitable for groups of family members, friends and classmates to communicate with a group of people at once.
Activity tracker lets you know how many steps you’ve taken
If you are struggling to keep up with your daily routine, iOS 11.4 introduces an Activity Tracker that will let you know how many steps you’ve walked, run, cycled, and swam and how many calories you’ve burned.
You can manage your Activity Tracker in Settings > Health > Activity & Sleep > Activity Tracking.
With this feature, you will now not only know how many steps you’ve taken, but also how many calories you’ve burned.
To use the Activity Tracker, launch the app from the home screen.
Activate the tracker by tapping the dark grey square or the red number, then tap the number to view the detailed workout summary in the app.
You can then tap the number to set your goals.
Your number of steps and calories burned will update as you meet your goal.
Kids mode lets you give your kids’ devices access to your data, customize the lock screen, control notifications, and more
The Kids mode in iOS 11.4 lets you create up to five child profiles.
You can assign different passwords to each profile and control the device separately for each kid.
For example, you can set a profile with a password to only allow one user access to the phone.
You can then control the lock screen settings, notifications, and more for each kid’s profile on the phone.
To create a kid’s profile, launch the Settings app > Parental Controls > Create a Kid Profile and select a name for your child.
The Parental Controls section

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