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Keymacro is a 3rd-party clipboard manager that allows you to organize, search and find your favorite clipboard content on iPhone, iPad and Mac. With Keymacro, you can copy and paste frequently used texts, URLs and webpages from your browser with ease. It can extract text from web pages, as well as manage multiple clipboards and clip actions. In addition, Keymacro can be used as a mobile ssh client, allowing you to connect to remote servers and transfer files in a secure manner.
How to Transfer Videos to iPhone from Mac?

If you are a professional with a smartphone and are using iPhone or Android, you may know that your business phone number might be registered in the cloud. Even if you do not use smartphones, you can still manage your business contact number in one place and automatically generate calls or text messages with the number.
This video will teach you how to register your business phone number in the cloud using Google Voice. For this tutorial, you need the phone number you want to register, Gmail or Google account information, and Cloud Number.
What is Cloud Number?
Cloud Number is a Google-powered service that helps businesses manage their phone numbers, regardless of what device they are using. For example, the company can use their iPhones to text customers, but they can also register the same number on the cloud service for generating calls and texts.
How to Register Business Phone Number in Cloud Number?
First, you need to make sure that you have an email or Google account, as this is required to use Cloud Number.
If you have an email, make sure to sign up for Google for Business.
If you do not have an email, sign up for Gmail.
If you have an account, log in and navigate to Cloud Number.
Next, you need to select the service you want to use, in this case Google Voice.
If you do not have an account, create a new account.
Next, enter the phone number you want to register, as well as any required information.
In the example above, you can find the information you need to register your number.
When you are done, click the Add button and follow the instructions.
After a few minutes, you should receive an email that your phone number is now in Cloud Number.
How to Generate Calls or Text Messages with Cloud Number?
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Keymacro is an interactive illustration tool, which lets you create key strokes. Keymacro allows you to take your pen and draw directly on the screen, to create drawing, illustration and animation.
EXPORT Description:
Export capabilities to draw objects, automatically increase the numbers of objects in the drawing.
– Add a new OPC tag for project who’s created on 2018/06/27, it is a copy of basic project.
– Add a new OPC tag for project who’s created on 2018/04/10, it is a copy of basic project.
– Corrected the crash on devices with Android 4.0.
– Corrected the license.
– Corrected bug: if you have more than one inidata.xml, when you try to unload the older version, Keymacro-3D-Road-Design-Tool-for-Unity4.0.unitypackage and Import Keymacro-3D-Road-Design-Tool-for-Unity4.0.unitypackage, you will crash.
– Corrected bugs:
– Keymacro-3D-Road-Design-Tool-for-Unity4.0.unitypackage and Keymacro-3D-Road-Design-Tool-for-Unity4.0.unitypackage, if you make changes and check the project in “Build” tab, then refresh the project, nothing changed. (Bug)
– The “Status” tab is not in read-only mode for the top menu, it can’t edit any thing. (Bug)
– In unload the project, it won’t save changes that you have made in Keymacro-3D-Road-Design-Tool-for-Unity4.0.unitypackage. (Bug)
– In the last update, Unity Package Project not working.
– Corrupted unitypackage after the last update. (Bug)
– Incorrect button texts in the About window. (Bug)
– Bugged code: onSave_Changed, onCanvas_Changed, TearOff_Changed. (Bug)
– Corrected a bug that if you open the solution file (Keymacro-3D

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