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■ Hotkeys may be declared as “hidden” by editing a file, which makes it invisible to the user.
■ Hotkey definitions can be put in a file and then opened as desired.
■ Hotkey settings may be conveniently saved, loaded and renamed.
And very soon I will release a special set of hotkeys, which are designed for gamers: “JDN Hotkeys: Gaming”.
(If you are interested in an advanced hotkey cde4edac5b

too. Additional document types such as HTML and WinHelp are supported also.
It provides offline operation. You can create a text or XML document, and then it will take into account any changes and continue on the server rather than generating an entire site map fresh for each page change.
Every link on every page, every sub-folder in every sub-folder and every XML record in every XML file is handled and browsed.
You can view the results live or save off the results as

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