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Based on the popular VX Ace series, this new collection contains a total of 104 monster graphics designed and drawn by writer, illustrator, and character designer Hibiki Katakura. All of the Persona series – including Athena, Mineta, Horo, Joker, and the Ohgi and Itachi mode characters – have been reworked to best fit the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. Watch the trailer for the RPG Maker VX Ace series below! The RPG Maker VX Ace series have more life into it thanks to artist, creator, and character designer, Hibiki Katakura! Delicately crafted sword mage-fighter (male / female), knight captain, soldier, swordman, demon, earth / fire / water / wind: spirits will add extra quality to your RPG maker project! Battlers, facesets, bust-up, walking sprites are included for most of these characters for easy use in RPGMaker VX Ace! Features: * Formatted for RPG Maker VX Ace * 10 characters (2 sword mage-fighters, knight captain, soldier, swordman, demon, 4 spirits; earth / fire / water / wind) * Walking sprites for 4 spirits; earth / fire / water / wind * Faceset for all the characters (the number of emotions varies for each character) * Battlers (static / facing both ways) Total of 52 graphics * Bust-up images; Total of 152 graphics * This graphic pack is licensed for use in RPG Maker only! The official website for RPG Maker MV: This is a fan made game, not from A-1 Pictures. The game is registered and owned by A-1 Pictures, even though the game is being made by a fan. Please do not distribute or copy this game, you can use the images and footage found on this website. CONTENT OR USE OF THIS GAME IS ONLY FOR FUN ONLY. This game may be used for Your own, non-commercial fanmade uses. If you would like to use this game for commercial use, please contact the website admin and receive his permission. This page and it’s content are only to be used for non-commercial, fanmade uses. Voice actor:大野智浩(@GunsJames) CG:山内梨香 Text:


Features Key:

  • Eight different weapons
  • Play the game alone or with friends
  • A variety of characters
  • A fun, simple core game with great graphics
  • A wide variety of other features


Battle Of Frigates [Latest]

“Rising Star 2: Vietnam is a solid looking, solid playing FPS that doesn’t live up to its potential.” 8/10 – The Game Room “What I loved most about Rising Star 2 is its simplicity, the ability to instantly pick up this game and play, feeling like a blistering, though realistic, D-Day battle on a small scale. It is all about the teamwork and the communication between you and your allies.” 8/10 – Esquire “This may be a turn-based strategy game, but the combat never feels like play-by-play chess-move pairings. The action always remains frantic and the game’s pace changes according to player preferences, easily making it one of the fastest-paced turn-based battles ever attempted.” 9.5/10 – Gamezebo About This Game: “The combat is also one of the best we’ve seen in a turn-based RPG. The heart of Rising Star 2 is about matching units, maneuvering squadrons, and making sure every man is still alive at the end of the fray.” 8.4/10 – Destructoid “All of this is upstaged by the game’s impressive combat. While I am not particularly good at it, the mechanics of the combat are extremely easy to pick up, giving it a fluidity rare among turn-based strategic wargames.” 8/10 – Game Informer About This Game: “…An instant classic… Tripwire has created a rich strategy experience that deserves to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys the tactical gameplay style and free-flowing combat.” 8.9/10 – GameSpot “Each unit – and there are a lot of them – has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and it requires real strategy to figure out the best way to use your men to achieve the objectives you’ve assigned.” 85/100 – Gaming on PC “Combat is incredibly fluid and enjoyable, with a new hero class system adding new versatility to the game.” 8/10 – PCWorld About This Game: “But Rising Star 2 is best played by a squad of friends, as it requires constant communication, coordination, and quick thinking. The changes in each player’s role and situation every time it’s time to take a turn are unpredictable and exciting — something that might be impossible to achieve c9d1549cdd


Battle Of Frigates Free (April-2022)

Tetragon is a well-designed puzzle game with a thoughtful mechanical system to deliver intriguing puzzles. This game is exactly how it looks, and to say more is a disservice to the game. Learn your way through the game by manipulating shapes to create vast rooms full of interactive mechanics that have to be used in specific order to progress. As you find rooms full of mechanics that you wish to interact with, press the Space bar to instantly trigger them. You’ll need to put your brain to the test as there is no quick solution to every puzzle in the game. Your goal is to figure out the mechanics and items, and the best part? You’ll be left with little if any spoilers to the game’s story! From the creators of Concrete, Konwent and Space Cascade! Puzzles can be as simple as sliding boxes over each other, or as challenging as passing over a set of rotating platforms with no balancing mechanic in sight. No spoilers in sight! 8.8/10 – App Store Review “A wonderful game that plays to the very best of the puzzle genre. The game challenges you in ways that I’m sure you’ll have to think about. The puzzles are so well balanced that there’s no room for luck at all. This is not easy to come by.” -Touch Arcade “Solid platform puzzler with lots of puzzles to challenge even veteran puzzle designers.” -148Apps “This game nails the tempo of platform puzzles.” -AppSpy “Tetra2gon is a lovely, elegant puzzler where each room you unlock has a beautiful visual feel to it. The core mechanic of the game is simple, but the gameplay of it is surprisingly deep. There are also a great variety of hidden items to find scattered throughout the world.” -Gamezebo “Tetragon is an astonishingly entertaining and engaging puzzle-platformer with great visuals and great gameplay. The puzzles are varied, well-balanced, and satisfying.” -AppSpy “Simple and really fun to play. Anyone that enjoys the platform puzzle genre should pick up this game and enjoy the puzzles and visuals.” -Gamezebo “Very good puzzle game that takes a great amount of skill, taking almost 30 hours to beat.” -IGN


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