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Audio Art gives you the power to create, beautiful sounding audio environments with minimal effort, and all from the comfort of your PC. You can either create, or simply sit back and enjoy the relaxing presets.
You create environments by adding sound samples like Ocean Waves, Stream, Birds, People, Wind, Thunder etc… to a sample list. Audio Art plays these samples back and loops them or triggers them randomly to create a true to life and realistic sounding environment.
You can either sit, relax and enjoy your environment or export the environment to any format including WAV, MP3 or WMA. You could then write your environment to a CD and relax to it, in the car or at home etc…
Audio Art comes complete with a Soundpack containing 54 Hi Quality Sound Samples enabling you to construct the environment of your dreams. More Soundpacks are available online.
Audio Art turns your PC into the most powerful relaxation Tape or CD, ever imaginable. It is set apart from ‘ordinary’ tapes and CD’s as its sound is ‘generated at random’ just like Nature, giving a sound that is actually Alive and Living – as if you are really there!
And whats more, you can create and design your own personal tailored audio environments to suit you exactly, also produce your own relaxation Tapes and CD’s
Here are some key features of “Audio Art”:
■ Precise Audio Environment Engineering
■ Meditative Arts
■ Relaxation Therapy
■ Anti-Stress, Anxiety and Panic Disorder Therapy
■ Creation of Audio Environment Geography in 3D Gaming
■ Commercial, Professional and Amateur Radio and Television Production
■ Special FX
■ Some feautures are disabled







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■ Easy to Use
■ No setup required
■ No Tools
■ No Contracts
■ No Charge
■ No Logging
■ 2 Year Warranty
■ Free Shipping worldwide
To learn more about how Audio Art really works go to

You may also join the Audio Art Forum

Or the Audio Art Mailing List

Or email directly to: [email protected]
Also include the purchase details and any comments,
questions, suggestions or inquiries. We love hearing from you!
Contacting the Audio Art Gurus
Audio Art is developed and maintained by Kosmodrom,
a technical company providing high quality professional
software. Audio Art employs the best engineers in
the business to develop this product, one of the
best in its field. Many people over the years have
asked us for a more user-friendly product, and we
are happy to say, we finally have it. The manual is
free of charge, and instruction video tutorials are
available by clicking on the “Tools” menu. Please
send any comments and suggestions directly to the
Audio Art Gurus.
Email Address: [email protected]

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So you hear about a few out of the hundreds of thousands of CD’s out there that claim to contain live electronic sounds from the Amazon Rainforest and other such exotic locations around the world, and wonder what your chances are of obtaining such a CD. Well, if you have a Mac, you’ve just found the answer! The ‘Pay My Bill’ Podcast streams Live from the Amazon Rainforest every month for one hour and is being done remotely from Kamphaeng Phet Thailand. It is recorded using a small handheld Sennheiser microphone and a Sony Mini DAT tape recorder and compressed using the Audacity digital audio editor. Click here to find out

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Here is a nice pack with many sound textures.
You can change your environment without editing the samples.
You can change the rain from sunny to stormy, the sea from calm to rough, the wind direction.

1. You can use the pre-arranged presets but you can also create your own environment
2. You can export the environment to a format of your choice
3. The sample size is quite small so you can export an environment easily, if you have a smaller computer you can start with the original samples
4. You may have to slightly modify the sample position in the sample list
5. The license is for unlimited usage
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
Please check the file for detailed information and license information
If you have any issues, comments or questions about the software please contact us

At last, please leave a 5 star rating with feedback and comment for my work and I’ll appreciate it as much as you like.
Visit our web site:
Download free or buy sample packs at this web site:
Many thanks

 Automatic and Manual Sample Rate Adjustment
 Automatically Reduce the Sample Rate to avoid issues when importing files to Audacity.
 Import Various Waveform Formats
 Import/Export Waveform (e.g. WAV, MP3, AVI, M2TS)
 Import/Export Mixed Formats (e.g. M2TS, AVI)
 Export to WMA, MP3, FLAC, AVI, PCM Wav format.
 Included WAV Formats:
 Supports most of the popular audio formats including:
mp3, ogg, wma, wav, wavp, m4a, mp4a, m4p, aif, aiff, aiffc
 Supports re-encoding of existing audio files
 Various Audio Effects with a variety of filters and delay effects
 The program is compatible with various sound cards including but not limited
to: Turtle Beach, Creative, Yamaha, Realtek, Logitech
 Supports all 32-bit

Audio Art Crack

■ “Audio Art” is a unique music creation program. It is the only program on the planet that allows you to create your own personal tuned relaxation soundscape on your PC and CD.
■ “Audio Art” is designed to relax you and help you to “Meditate” or relax, whilst increasing your creativity. “Audio Art” also helps you with Quitting Smoking and other “stress” related issues.
■ “Audio Art” is a light program and requires no installation, which means it will not take over your PC.
“Audio Art” is designed to be used with a variety of applications including Windows Media Player, Sound Recorder, Windows Explorer, MSWord etc.
■ “Audio Art” is a “Windows Live Active X” so no need to install or configure anything to get it to work.
■ “Audio Art” was designed to be easy to use. This means that “Audio Art” automatically generates an Audio file that you can use in various applications and will play a sound sample or re-play a looped sound back at a random interval. This effectively means that you can “be anywhere” and still create an audio environment!
■ “Audio Art” was designed to create a unique, personal audio environment for you that you can use and enjoy it any time you like.
■ “Audio Art” has enough features to produce a multitude of environments but has sufficient features to get you started.
■ “Audio Art” is a very cost effective way of producing your own unique, personalised audio environments.
■ “Audio Art” is an effective therapy tool for people who suffer from Anxiety, Stress or Panic disorders, as well as ADHD.
“Audio Art” is a perfect way of relaxing and creating your own personal edited, made up soundscape that you can use to relax.
■ “Audio Art” is now listed in the Software Tray. Click on it and it will show as a context sensitive menu item.
“Audio Art” is a very highly Recommended program for anyone that wants to relax, meditate, make music or produce their own audio environments.
+ Added a Changelog (Thanks to “”!)
+ Fixed bug with “Play/Repeat” buttons having problems with the volume control
+ Audio Art can now be listed in the

What’s New In Audio Art?

■ “You can choose from a selection of over 300 different preset environment designs, there is a large amount of sonic selection available. If the sounds are not to your liking, just select “random” and enjoy the new noise”.
■ “A typical environment takes about 8 minutes to set up from start to finish and depending on the number of samples in use, this can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour. There is no voice cutting or selection involved.”
■ “The first time a new environment is generated, the file size will be around 7.5 MB, but with each subsequent generation, a new file will be created so that the total file size remains the same throughout all instances of your environment.”
■ “Audio Art is so unique, different and original that even the BBC have requested some of the most popular sounds from the audioart demo version to use in their production facilities”.
■ “If you need to generate audio on the go, Audio Art has the required easy to use software, that can be incorporated into any OS on your computer.”
Audio Art Software:
■ Audio Art is an audio management system for Mac OS X and PC, an audio engine and library.
■ Audio Art Software v1.5 adds many cool new features to this audio engine, including a Linux version, which will be released later this year.
■ The Mac OS X version of Audio Art will be updated to be compatible with Lion and Mountain Lion, as of 1st August 2012.
■ You can download Audio Art v1.5 (build 267) from our website, “”.
■ To install Audio Art on your computer, you will need to download the software installer. An internet connection is required.
■ The Linux and Windows versions of Audio Art will be created before the end of this year.
■ You will not need to pay anything to download Audio Art.
■ You can share the software and your Audio Art with your friends and colleagues.
■ The current Audio Art license agreement will still be valid, even after you download the software.
■ The Software will be activated on your PC the first time you run it.

Get the best Audio Art sound effects for your PC with this new Audio Art Sound Effects Generator and Super Sampler App for Windows, Mac

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD HD7850 or higher
Hard Drive: 20GB available space
Other: DirectX 11.0
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K or AMD equivalent
Memory: 16GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD HD79

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