** This macro can be used to split the files selected by tag.
** This macro is also used to divide the lines into n parts, the parameter $n of
** the macro is used to change the number of parts of the file.
** The command options are available:
** “by tag”
** “by number of lines”
** “by number of parts”
** the command is done by selecting the file and pressing “S” on the keyboard.
** NOTE: the macro can be performed only by a “split” command, any macro with the
** same name in the work area will be replaced with a split command
; #macro Spl_in_lines_spl (file,n)
; #if ($
; # split file_name by lines into n parts
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_line (n) file
; #end
; #if ($
; # split file_name by tag into n parts
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_tag (n) file
; #end
; #if ($
; # split file_name by parts into n parts
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_part (n) file
; #end
; #if ($
; # split file_name by lines and parts into n parts
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_lines_and_parts (n) file
; #end
; #if ($macro.override)
; #override macro split_lines_spl (file,n)
; #end
; #macro “by tag”
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_tag (n) file
; #macro “by number of lines”
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_line (n) file
; #macro “by parts”
; #spl_in_lines_spl_macro split_part (n) file
; #macro “by lines and parts”
; #spl_in d82f892c90

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These are the definition for the major functions in the KeyMacro for this application:
//This function processes all the keywords and characters read from
// the test.txt file, assigning them to its corresponding status in
// the dictionary.
//@build Keywords=status,categories,name,description,linkage,chromosome,marker,position,linkage-order,Mendelian,linked
//@file find_keywords.cpp
//@author by: B. Mayrose
//@date 04/23/98
//@version 1.1

//This function only processes keywords

void process_keys(std::stringstream & inStr);
//This function processes all the categories, and assignes its
// corresponding status to its corresponding category. The status
// can be “OK”, “Validate”, “Corrupt” or “Not specified”
//@build Categories=status,categories,name,description,linkage,chromosome,marker,position,linkage-order,Mendelian,linked
//@file find_categories.cpp
//@author by: B. Mayrose
//@date 04/23/98
//@version 1.1

//This function only processes categories
void process_categories(std::stringstream & inStr);
//This function processes all the “name”, “description” and “linkage”
// keywords for every markers. It also assigns the corresponding
// status to the markers
//@build MarkerName=status,categories,name,description,linkage,chromosome,marker,position,linkage-order,Mendelian,linked
//@file find_markers.cpp
//@author by: B. Mayrose
//@date 04/23/98

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