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Hayabusa is a series of DOA fighting games produced by Team Ninja. Players fight using four different weapons with the aim of defeating their opponent using basic punching and kicking moves and without using any lethal weapons. The series focuses on characters who have some sort of relation with “the best swordsman in the history of Kanto”. Characters Julius – A man from The Industrial Revolution’s time. Does not fight with Hayabusa directly. He has too much of a consideration for his old age. Kojiro – The grand-son of Hayabusa’s best friend, Katana and an inventor. Sometimes at odds with Hayabusa. Katana – A female swordsman from The Industrial Revolution’s time. She is the grandmother of Kojiro and first “nemesis” of Hayabusa. Firedrake – An announcer who has to be accompanied by Hayabusa to be able to say his sentences, along with a pair of high-tech boots that Hayabusa puts on. A total of thirteen characters are available in this costume, including characters from the “return to Japan” group that weren’t available in the previous game. Dress Up Instructions: The costume for Hayabusa has 5 articles: – Balm, torn mask, and gloves – A suit, with a wide jacket and a mask – A belt and mask helmet – The Endoscope and a utility belt – A pair of high-tech boots Working with Hayabusa in the game, you will be able to perform the following actions: – Use his Mask – Pick up and throw things – Throw his Bladed Katana – Throw his pistol – Use his grapple hook – Perform throwing and jump attacks – Perform charging and punching attacks – Perform focus and high-kick attacks – Throw his miniguns and knives in the air – Use his special movement techniques The mask can be used after Hayabusa is dressed, but it can only be used to change Hayabusa’s equipment’s, which we will discuss in the introduction. Also, make sure you equip Hayabusa with the proper equipment and the correct amount of weapons before you leave for the battle. If you need to equip him, be sure to equip the mask first, because it will not be openable without the rest of the costume. Source:[GG] Hayabusa Vol.1 – costume] [Special Features] 1. [Character


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    “A VR experience like no other Designed for the fast-paced multiplayer shooter genre, Skyfront starts you off on a rocket that launches you into space where you’ll begin your adventure in zero-G. Perform flip manoeuvres and wall runs to reach your opponents. Equip your weapons and special abilities, and try to beat them all! The game features 4 unique arenas with distinct sizes and layouts promoting different game styles. You can select Single Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, as well as Domination, where you take on a team of 2-4 players. Every time you unlock a new progression level, you’ll be presented with a whole new arsenal of weapons and accessories. You can also choose your character’s skin, helmet and trails. The game is completely free to play and you can enjoy it on both PC and mobile, as well as via Oculus Go! “Skyfront” is a vast VR-FPS space-shooter with shooting on the one hand, and on the other hand, a fast paced trick-matching strategy game that will drive you wild. A game that one can play with friends and family. The game has various modes. In the “rush mode” the objective is to get as many points as possible. The player can choose whether to shoot or to trick. In the trick mode, the players must face each other and try to trick each other as long as they stay alive. The goal is that at the end of the trick match, the player with the most points wins. In the arena mode, the players are dropped in an arena, the goal is to stay alive and defeat the other players. Battle in the zero-G, with expertly-placed shots and a wild variety of things to equip and execute. Shoot targets, throw grenades, or grab them out of the air for a one-off kill. Go for the throw and jump! You’re going to need everything in your arsenal. STORY Taken prisoner by a space pirate after a colossal battle, your only option for escape is back down to Earth. Aboard a flight craft, you are taken back to Earth’s surface. Your friend Kyle is also on the flight craft with you, but he’s not your friend any more. Hijacked by a space pirate, he was abducted and his brainwashed into believing that you are the enemy. After escaping, he confronts c9d1549cdd


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    The Unexplored Realms of Madness These pages are a quick reference guide to various settings for Crack’d and Cook’d Manse, my short story for Call of Cthulhu. (Buy this product to view PDF version) The following settings are detailed on pages that follow: The Secret of the Mutilated Gems: Some wealth has been discovered on the shores of the Yonder Isles. Silver and gold nuggets have been uncovered, along with a few rare gems which bear the blood-stained likeness of a single creature. These gems have an uncanny tendency to shatter if touched by a man who has seen the thing in their images. The gems are perfectly normal in appearance, until they reach man’s domain, and then they shatter. Why is this? Is there a relationship between the man who finds the gems, and the mutilated creature that is etched in their surfaces? Hideous Possessions: A strange, nameless cult has been excavating the south of England, in a search for something… Something that lies buried in a deep, dark hole. What they’ve uncovered, however, is not a burial ground, but a seething cavernous tomb. A worm-like creature is trapped within the sealed tomb, and it’s an awful thing to behold. What are the filthy things purpose? What do they want? What is their master’s plan? The Cave of Unbidden Desire: A secret society dedicated to the occult have held a gathering deep within the caves of the Yonder Isles. This is not your ordinary society, however. These are elite, learned men who are devoted to certain dangerous magics. It has long been speculated that in some of the deepest parts of the Yonder Isles are areas of subterranean damp, where unbridled powers arise. These special men have investigated those areas and discovered that the cave’s so-called dampness does indeed result in some degree of magic. The question of how is to be answered. What exactly happens when magical energy is unleashed? What are they preparing to do? Wolves of the Night: A man’s daughter has been kidnapped by a band of orc-worshipping nomads in a far flung region of the North American prairies. The band is moving towards the village where the family lives, to carry out their human sacrifice. However, that village is under the protection of a cruel, abusive vigilante. The local vigilantes, inspired by the “spirit of Christ”, are doing everything in their


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      : By Steven Arruda THE SHATTERS take place almost entirely within a small window of time, just minutes before dawn. About one hour before the crack of dawn, they tell us, the hurtling black storm clouds that always precede the coming daylight will be parted, and daylight will break over the land. A glorious, golden light will illuminate the lands of the world, and light will pour forth from these very places. To be surrounded by this light would be a blessing to all, great and small, living or dead. Some will be pleased by the light, reveling in the fact that they are surrounded by the bounty of the dawn. Others however, see no such blessing, they are always uneasy. This lands of the land will be a land of promise, a land of growth, a land of hope. It will be a land where illness and death will have no impact on the land. This’ll be a land where everyone will live free from strife and strife, not a land of war. The people of this land will have to fight against their own natures, their own desires, their own vices. Not because of strife but because of this light, this golden light. They will have to fight to wipe it away from their dark hearts, for light and dark are often brothers and sisters. THE SHATTERS AVAILABLE The Shattering was written almost exclusively by me, except for a portion of the sequels to The Shattering, The Scattering and The Rites of Passage. The words are pretty much all my own, with some minor tweaks here and there from Harumi and Yuki, my forum friends and voice actors, respectively. While The Shattering and the The Rites of Passage were almost single men’s projects, The Scattering was a group project that brought Steven Arruda, Hikari Kitamura, Harumi and Fuyumi Sakamoto (Ami), Yuki Tsukishima, Tae Kim and myself together to create something much more positive. A panel of writers and an illustrator helped me decide that black was still the best and most realistic color for this world of a future. A yellow sky would color everything in a way that I felt was cliche. Same with an orange sky. Same with a sea of red. And so, this world is an earth that is almost entirely black, save for the parts of the moon that shine just a bit blue or red. I feel like the


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      Touhou Mystia is based on the Media-God, and designed in a Touhou Project type. The rule is simple. To make Touhou Mystia by trading in or out enemy, or to kill enemy. The game design is full of surprises, such as, the speed and the turn rate of characters, up to three special attacks with various skills, expressions, and special costumes. The music is inspired from shin-hon. The backgrounds are created by the “EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED” company. Compared to the Taiko Drum Master series, the touches you love are also in the game. You will find fun in this game. I hope you have fun, and enjoy this work. Title: Touhou Mystia Genre: Action Developer: Artisan Works Publisher: Artisan Works Operating System: iOS, Android, Web Category: Mobile Page: 1 / 512MB The games you have enjoyed Touhou Air: A flash game on blogspot that aims to introduce the famous series of Touhou Project. Touhou Mononoke: A rail shooter type action game that allows the player to pick up more than 100 kinds of items by eating a beautiful-looking fox. (About the fox: their name was named after a “mononoke” of the Touhou Project.) 1. Bugs from the 90’s 2. Touhou Project’s characters and sprites 3. Touhou Project’s music and background music My thorys I remember playing the game that I’m going to share with you for the first time on arcades. The game itself is NOT Touhou Project series. The title is: “Bugs from the 90’s” I’m told that the theme of this game is based on Touhou Project’s lore. In other words, it’s a game about insects, in the story of the Touhou Project. After all, this is the first game I played that I really felt to be Touhou Project influenced. I was also told that this game is very popular in the “90’s” arcade in Japan. That’s the reason why the game called “Bugs from the 90’s” could be found so often in the arcades. Touhou Project’s bug theme [Matsuda] From a small game with a robot bug character, this game has reached its 2nd generation now.


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