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Advanced modeler for 3D artists. – Design complex buildings with just a few clicks – Craft amazing models with a set of powerful tools. – A versatile design tool and a professional plugin to use with Carrara. – Auto detect useful alignment, perpendicularities and collide doors and windows. – Automatically construct complex roofs which creation can be based on the geometry underneath and so follow any kind of shape. – Fashioning roofs allow you to fully customize the shape, the different planes and the thickness as you design them. – Create an unlimited number of roof plans. – Hold the material in any plan. – Can import directly the creation of plans from AutoCAD and SketchUp into AutoCAD. – Craft unlimited furniture, doors and windows, which can be modified during any time of the construction. – Various plugin tools to optimize your creations. – Possibility to modify the geometry in any time, which means that you can change the shape of the rooms, and all the planes at any time. – Geometry handling to create a perfect 3D model. – Realtime preview in 3D mode. – Add and remove trusses. – Collision detection with doors and windows. – A plugin that allows you to paint roofs. – Automatically assign the right shadow maps. – Very light. Keep your system in normal mode and do not suffer from performance loss. – An intuitive design: In the creation of a model just 3 simple steps are necessary to create a nice building. – Possibility to export or import the model with the.obj format, with an optimized format. – Compatible with Carrara 1.6.0 and any higher version. – The plug-ins that use Carrara’s 3D window are compatible with the.obj format, such as the.pzd windows. Installation instructions: In the next window you will find our installation instructions Download the archive file containing the ArchiTools Interface, the plug-in, and the archive with the plug-ins. Extract it in any place of your computer (it will be a folder ArchiTools-1.0). After extracting the archive, run the installation program and follow the on-screen instructions 0.54 size: – Full support for the version 1.0.1 0.52 size: – Full support for the version 1.0 0.50 size: –

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Intuitive, easy to learn and fun to use Well integrated, customisable and fully procedural tools. Important: We use cookies to give you the best experience on our site. By continuing to use our website you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookies Policy. For more information about how we use Cookies and how you can disable them, please read our Cookies Policy.Accept The game uses ARCHICAD’s architecture and construction module as a player and a brain for its AI.The game is not a perfect clone and there are some limitations: there is no dynamic building scale and tiling, the building and cellar are not componentized, no new drawing sheet can be created from an existing body. Nonetheless, those limitations allow to create complex AI behaviors, which are even more rich than similar limitations in other architecture games. The project consists in programming a high-level abstraction of the complete building, which can be translated into a lightweight control system easily usable by the player. Using the Tiled editor, the process of creating levels from a text description file is now very easy, allowing you to easily create complex level layouts using various tiles, such as platforms, doors, walls etc. The editor will be used by game developers, and will be the same tool they will use for creating level designs. It will also be used for the development of the AI of the game. Sublevels are now displayed in many different ways depending on the dynamic of the generated architecture. – Display all the sublevels when you start building and load the map; – When the player spawns on the map, the sublevels are only displayed when the player needs them (eg. when he passes through the sublevel of the level); – In every level, when the player starts building, the selection of the sublevels is displayed, making it clear which sublevels he can access. In the Tiled editor, right-clicking on a tile and selecting “Show sublevels…” will display the sublevel structure below the current tile. Also, the tiled editor now implements a plugin system to allow for dynamic editing of tiles, so that we can build more complex tile components dynamically. The Architecture Editor now uses markers for 3D model files. In the context of ARCHICAD, this allows you to place, import, export and move 3D models of floor and walls, which will correspond to the geometry of the build area. 3D model files 2f7fe94e24

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Advanced 3D Building Modeler : Because you can model any kind of shape you want, because it is inspired by Velout, and the UI that simplifies it all : ArchiTools can provide a maximum of self-expression to the user. The Modeler is not really limited to the buildings you see and represent in the catalog, you can even model any kind of object you want, for example landscape of houses or even a mountain, from a blank canvas. You can scale the object, rotate it, edit the shape and add new surface at any time. Also, you can directly use any object created with the Modeler, to generate and model a model in a desired shape. Furthermore ArchiTools allows you to create a special world where each image is part of a “plan”, enabling to work with the elements in plan and profile, modify them at any time, and even add your own plan. ArchiTools automatically detects doors and windows, you will notice that placing a door or a window is a matter of a click, but also that the door will open or close if you move it. But ArchiTools is more than just a Sketchup-compatible modeling program. It is the combination of a great and intuitive interface, with all the tools to create 3D buildings, from a blank canvas to a fully complete complex, and to model the house in the manner that best suits you. The plans are automatically created by ArchiTools and can be edited directly in plan and profile mode. Furthermore, you can create your own plans. It is highly customizable, change the shape of the roof from a house, by adding or removing the window, or from a tent to a mountain. Different shading domain can be assigned to each element. Therefore ArchiTools is a very flexible modeling tool that is able to adapt to the user’s needs in order to be able to generate plans for any type of object, from a simple building to a complex plan. Perfect for Architects, Architectural Technicians and Construction workers. Many other features: – The Modeler is fully procedural and has a procedural GUI that simplifies the construction of the plan. – Fully procedural parametric GUI and the completeness of its parameters. – Complex plans can be saved to replace the pre-definied plans in the database. – The segments of the plan are fully customizable. – The elements can be created automatically in the plan by pressing a button. –

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– Procedural modeling with a unique and fun UI that makes ArchiTools easy to use and intuitive – Light and fast. Despite some complex tools, ArchiTools does not slow down the entire system – Customizable according to the need: length of the walls, roof thickness, the existence of windows and doors, etc. – Many customization options: for interior elements, exterior surfaces, roof elements, doors, windows, etc. – A modular component model: each component is assigned a generic mesh which can be reused on other components. – Several generic components that can be used with any model – A polished and complete tool that can manage all the geometry of a 3D model. – Precise collision and snap detection, with a focus on geometry. – A set of tools dedicated to the realtime placing and configuring of doors and windows. – Creation of complex roofs and automated reflections for the floor. – Last but not least: an optimized CAE to facilitate the export of the final 3D model. All this can now be integrated into Carrara thanks to the internal wizard! – Added new two plugins (Expression of properties and primitives right click menu) for the creation of GEOBJ – GEOBJ can be used by using the architools.getGEOBJ method to get the selected GEOBJ – New UI menu – New extension of the extension dialogs for the creation of windows – Made a progress bar in the settings dialog for the optimization of the workflow – Added a checkbox in the palette of door and window components to be able to confirm the selection automatically – Fixed the name of the row and column of the setting for the creation of the floor. – Fixed the default name of the GEOBJ for all the plugins. – Fixed the position of the names of the plugins in the install dialog. – Removed the menu bar by default in the multilayer, windows. – Added the new functions as parameter of the getList function, testContext, testCreateGEOBJ and testRecursiveGEOBJ – Added the new functions as parameter of the getList function (getList & getListRecursive) to get all the GEOBJ in a list of elements GEOBJ – Added the new functions as parameter of the getGEOBJ method to get all the GEOBJ in a list of elements GEOB

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Windows: Mac: Linux: PS4: I am going to try to cram as much content into this game as I can. I plan to make it a 4-5 part series that you can read from the beginning to end, and I hope to be updating the content as I go. This game is not intended to be a full blown story that will make sense to you when you play it for the first time. Instead, it is a platformer adventure game that will teach you

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