The ASAP Utilities is a collection of about hundred of shortcuts and commands to be used in Excel for fastening tasks and operations you normally perform on your data.


– 1,000+ Excel hotkeys to make life easy
– Automation and processing scripts for Excel 2013 and Excel 2016
– Macro recorder to automatically record and save the actions you take
– Plus many other exciting features…

This software product does not contain any malicious components.

While this product has a basic free version, the fully featured one-time payment version has a lot of useful extras to enhance your productivity. Besides the thousands of keyboard shortcuts that are set up for an easier management of Excel, it features macro recording, full documentation, a free trial and customer support.

Most of the users of Microsoft Office should be already familiarized with the numerous add-ins that can be used to enhance the functionality of the programs that are part of the suite. Many of these little extras are designed for automation purposes and to make the workflow a bit more fluent for those who have to work with Office apps on a daily basis.

One of the utilities that has a larger number of regular users is Microsoft Excel and, as one would expect, there is a fair number of add-ins especially tailored for this environment. An interesting package that brings together loads of functions for this particular member of the Office suite is ASAP Utilities.

Shortcuts for an easier management of all Excel’s features

This plugin adds lots of functions and it only takes a couple of moments to install it on the target system. Once you set it up and start Excel to see what it’s all about, the abundance of features tucked inside a single package may take you by surprise.

First off, ASAP Utilities comes with a long list of shortcuts that can help you launch your most often used tools and commands. This hotkey database can be enriched by adding custom key combinations of your own for using other Excel functions you might need.

Advanced selection tools for cell groups

Insofar as the selections that can be made inside a worksheet are concerned, this add-in features several cell and sheet highlighting options that you can use when having to deal with content spread across the whole document. There are also many shortcuts you can use to perform columns and rows as well as objects and comments selections, editing and other content management actions.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that the range of actions covered by ASAP Utilities is really impressive and it eea19f52d2

Ocster Backup Pro is an advanced and intuitive software solution developed specifically to offer you an efficient means of backing up your most important data, so you can prevent total information loss in case of a system failure.
When launching the tool, its main window allows you to choose the preferred action, between ‘Create New Backup Plan’, ‘Manage Backup Plans’, ‘Restore Backup’ and ‘View Backup Reports’.
In order to ‘Create New Backup Plan’, you need to select which items you want to include, either your whole computer and entire hard disks, or just specific folder and files from your system, while also listing a series of advantages and disadvantages for both.
For starters, you will need to select a backup location and enter a name for it, then opt for the preferred format: ‘Standard’, which will place the data in archives or ‘Simple’, which will basically copy the files.
Next, you can manually choose which folders you wish to backup, along with the data from the most used applications and specific file formats ( TXT, Word, PDF, XLS, PPT, CSV, MP#, WMA, AVI, MP4, and many others), adding the targeted directories by hand.
Similarly, you can exclude certain file extensions or folders from the operation. Optionally, you can encrypt the generated file using a password of your own making, selecting an encryption algorithm and the compression type.
Afterward, you can set the preferred time interval for the backup to occur (‘Daily’ at a user-defined hour, ‘Weekly’, on a certain day of the week or of the month). Following a few other simple steps, you can save the backup plan and execute it whenever you need.
To conclude, Ocster Backup Pro is a comprehensive and efficient program that makes all data backup operations a breeze, saving you a lot of time and effort, while also enabling you to always have your important information handy, even in crisis situations.This invention relates to the field of automatic meter reading systems, and more particularly to an arrangement for easily determining the location of an automatic meter reading (AMR) probe within a multi-zone metering system.
In an AMR system, a probe is used to determine the utility usage on an industrial plant by measuring the utility usage at a series of utility meters. The probe is then connected to a network interface which collects the data from the probe and transfers it to a data processing system. The data processing system processes the meter data and stores it

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