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Features Key:

  • Neon-Gaming Engine
  • Automated matchmaking
  • 1000+ Game Mode types
  • Automated & Manual Ranks
  • Automated Stats and Rankings
  • Beat Them All, easy to play but hard to master
  • Staff in game, via Live Chat
  • Translations in 10 languages

    • Demo Version
    • Multiplayer
    • Allows all game modes
    • Translations in 10 languages

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    Age Of History II Free Download [Win/Mac]

    This could be the most important and dangerous mission you’ve ever taken on! -Sneak around the Galdi Forest wearing hideous masks, committing major sins! -Find five keys that will unlock a gate which will lead you into the belly of Galdi Forest where your worst nightmare (The Mauler) waits! -But are you strong enough to take on The Mauler? -Well, you have an Angel Ghost named Lonra to pull you through those times when you truly feel like giving up! -But even with the help of Lonra, it’s not really easy… As a Demon Touched, you alone, are responsible for the imprisonment of The Mauler in the Galdi Forest. What are you waiting for, grab your hat and go get ’em! Key Features: -Playable as the Angel (Action) or Soldier (RPG) classes. -Explore the forest inhabited by Galdi and know its secrets. -Explore the Galdi Forest and meet interesting characters. -Defeat many interesting monsters in the game. -Lonra the Angel Ghost (help you in battle). -Play through the game using various tactics. -An enemy won’t leave you alone! -Enjoy the beautiful graphics and music. -Play the game through as quickly or as slowly as you wish. -Important dialogues are rarely skipped due to convenient system. -Fun can be played in short, easily installed sessions. A long long time ago in an RPG galaxy far, far away, a Demon Touched named (Your name here) was oppressed by the Angel Agency for many, many years–and their oppressors gave the Demon Touched some keys so they could unlock a gate into the belly of Galdi Forest. One day, the Demon Touched found a small key and started to run around the forest. Next thing he knew, he had gained the ability to lift his Angel Ghost friend, Lonra, into the air, and he started wandering around the forest trying to figure out what the keys were for. What the Demon Touched didn’t know was that there were more keys than just one–so he could barely keep up with the pile. He walked around the forest for many, many days, until he had found all the keys. After that, he started wandering around in the forest all by himself. That’s when he noticed that, with the last few keys, he could c9d1549cdd


    Age Of History II (April-2022)

    Not a randomised game. You can’t play this game without putting something into place. All the premium items (from DLC) will be placed in “Rewards” tab in your game account (on website). From there you can send them to any of your characters in the game. Follow @TheLegendOfTheOutlawMage to get notified about new info about the DLC and we will keep you updated. How to play? You start with your party in safe location. You need to complete 3 quests in order to unlock the next part of the game. For each quest there are checkpoints, therefore you can come back later and restart if you die. Escape from the big city, a lighthouse Exchange the cursed chests for a normal chest, an ordinary locked door, a giant boat and a whole lot of useful materials. Explorer’s base, a lighthouse. Complete the first quest to reach the base. Save the weapon. Go outside to complete the quest. The first locked door. Play through the obstacles in the cottage, unlock all the chests. Find the other two cursed chests and a normal chest. Open the normal chest for a new weapon. Follow the tunnel to reach the next area. Quest completed. Now you need to find a second weapon. Open the locked chest. Open the locked chest again to get a cursed chest with a great new weapon! Go back to the previous area. Kill the spider to get the other cursed chest. Collect the loot from the normal chest, open the cursed chest for the weapon. Go back to the previous area. Now there is an extra objective you have to complete. Follow the path to reach the ladder. Remove the spider from the cave to complete the quest. Use the ladder to reach the next area. The red hand! You need to finish the quest. Kill the red hand. Go to the previous area. There is an extra challenge on this quest. Do your best to win! Break the locked chests. Open the red chest for a new weapon. Destroy the magic crystal. Open the chest for a new weapon. Find the chest with the cursed weapon. Follow the path to reach the next area. The jailbreak. There is a new enemy in this level. Kill the spiders with the witch. Finish the quest and enter the jail. You can now buy


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