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Photoshop is perhaps the most popular image editing application, and it is very complex and offers a vast array of tools to quickly manipulate images. Aside from the uniqe look of the toolbars, Photoshop’s various elements can often be organized in such a way that training videos can be made available at sites such as iTulip.

Regardless of the language used by the video creators in their tutorials, they tend to maintain a consistent look and a low-intellectual cognitive load. These tutorials will explain the various functions and tools in a way that is highly visual, enabling the user to benefit from some great examples of what Photoshop is capable of.

Photoshop is an intuitive, complex, and powerful image editing tool. With a wealth of tools, possibilities, and use-cases, you can greatly expand your artistic ability with the help of Photoshop tutorials.

The following are a few, yet most comprehensive, Photoshop tutorials available for students and instructors alike. (See a full list of Photoshop tutorials and other useful Photoshop articles at

This series includes tutorials on the basic tools and controls of Photoshop, the professional features of Photoshop, and how to make your own art. This is a community where artists share their work and views, learn, and discuss the techniques used. (See also Tutorials Recommended By the Experts.)


This instructional video is basic level, focusing on the fundamentals of making a digital painting. But within the video, you’ll learn how to create a photo of a house in a snowstorm that’s surrounded by a thick fog, along with creating the curving edges of the street and the shadows.

The tutorial is presented in the greatest detail. In fact, I can imagine that the author of this tutorial started with just a few black and white images and over time added more color.

Learn how to layer mattes, lights, and darks, along with creating mountains, a cityscape, and the moon. The author offers suggestions and pointers to help enhance your understanding of these basic concepts.

The videos are actually Adobe Flash movie files, requiring a Flash player be downloaded to play the videos. However, the files are extremely small and are available for quick download, and many other major web browsers support the Flash Player and are capable of playing the files, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 and above.


This tutorial also covers the creation of a set of 3

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1) Crack +

Photoshop alternatives for Android

As mentioned above, Photoshop Elements is a popular software for image editing. But what about those who prefer using the application for their Android devices?

Here are our Photoshop alternatives for Android that you can use to edit images.


Pixelmator has been used since 1996 and developed by the same creator of Apple’s macOS Sierra. It is a fast and intuitive app with a minimalist interface.

You can edit RAW images in a jpeg or png format. It can do a wide range of tasks including:

Adjustments: Lighting, Curves, Exposure, RGB, B&W, HSL, contrast, sharpen, etc.

Basic editing: rotate, crop, remove blemishes, add a text, add a filter, add frames, add a gradient, add a reflection, add highlights, add highlights, etc.

For video editing: trim, split the clips, add music, and import your videos.

For more advanced editing: remove noise, create labels, sharpen, clone, copy/paste, add styles, and create masks.

There’s a wide range of filters and special effects. You can create your own effects and install some free ones from the Pixelmator site.

Smart Canvas

Smart Canvas is a low-quality Photoshop alternative for graphic designers. It allows you to edit multiple images at the same time.

Smart Canvas can do the same things as Photoshop, but its interface is more simple and it lacks some advanced options.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a simple photo editor with most of the features you would expect from Photoshop.

It lets you:

Organize, edit, and save images with a wide range of advanced features

Create and edit videos with music, effects, and filters

Capture photos directly from the gallery or camera, and save them to the cloud

There are different ways to edit images. You can crop, rotate, add effects, apply filters, etc.


Pixlr-o-matic is a graphics editing tool with a minimalist interface. It lets you:

Create and edit gradients

Adjust the brightness, colors, exposure, and contrast

Add frames, highlights, shadows, and desaturate

Adjust filters

You can create PDF files

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1) Free Download

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How to find the space usage in a docker container?

I have a small webapp running in a docker container. This app requires a postgres database. For this I have dockerized the postgres. For this, I used the official driver.
How do I find the size of the container, in terms of the image size? Is there a command?


You can take a look at the system’s kernel-space memory stats with the command:
top -bn1 | grep kB
The values are in kB.


Is there a way to access the width of a UICollectionView cell?

I am trying to create a UICollectionViewCell that has a border and a shadow in that border. The border and shadow look perfect when the collection view is run on an iPhone 6s simulator but when I run the same application on my iPod it shows a white border on every cell.
The problem seems to be that the width of the cell is not the same. I have created a custom UICollectionViewCell for the iPod by subclassing from UICollectionViewCell and added a label that is the size of the view. However, when the UICollectionView is run on the iPod the label and the border width are the same as the iPhone screen size.
Is there a way to access the cell’s width so I can style it accordingly.
This is what my view looks like on iPhone 6s

This is what it looks like on iPod 9.7″

This is what I want it to look like on the iPod

My only way to find out the width is to subclass UICollectionViewCell and create a label in the view.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


You can use the method called – (CGSize)frameSize to get the size of the view and then you can set the width of the cell.

This is what my view looks like on iPhone 6s

Yes, you have the size.

This is what it looks like on iPod 9.7″

Yes, you have the size.

In a conventional non-volatile semiconductor memory device such as an EEPROM, a floating gate electrode is deposited on the main surface of a semiconductor substrate and a control gate electrode is deposited on the floating gate electrode

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.4.1):

As stated in the previous post, the game uses a shadow map algorithm. While the GPU usage will be low, the CPU usage could be high. I haven’t had any problems running the game on an i7-3770K (4GHz, not 3.4GHz) on Windows 10 64bit, however I have had problems running the game on a Xeon 2.4GHz CPU (with hyperthreading), and an i5-2500k (4.3GHz, not 3.8GHz) with Windows 8.1 64bit. The former I haven

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