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“Crime is a classless profession. You do not have to become a criminal to make a living, but it helps.” It all started back in DC in 2012. The citizens were up in arms about the crimes happening all around them. However, the government couldn’t seem to stop the crime wave. We, as outsiders, decided to get involved and deliver a swift response to those who caused so much havoc and suffering. We created the PAYDAY gang. Criminals that live and work together under one simple ideology: robbery. Our goal is to destroy the cartel-like distribution systems of organized crime. There’s no law or police to stop us. We are just doing our job. But now we’ve been betrayed. Someone from the government has found out about our operations and the media is reporting on what we do. The CIA, FBI or the Department of Justice? We may never know. But the good news is that it doesn’t matter who has found out about us. It’s now your job to make sure they don’t stop us. We’re looking for one man. It’s your turn to take down the cartel. Key Features •An emphasis on free-roam gameplay – The Big Bank Heist challenges players to go where they’ve never gone before. The objective is to approach the bank undetected, bypass the security guards, enter the vault and proceed with your plan. Everything you do will have consequences, on land and in the air. •You can play the Bank Heist alone or with friends – Co-Op with up to four friends gives you more depth to the heist and more opportunities for you to interact. If you play the game on your own, there’s no need to invite friends over. Each heist has unique preplanning aspects that will allow you to choose how the heist progresses. •Customize your instruments of death – From the level of sound to the type of ammo you shoot, the Falcon Rifle has infinite possibilities. You can customize up to nine weapon modifications, like the Stock Improvement, Power Battery and Rocket Launcher. And with the experimental Stock Improvement pattern, you can increase the weapon’s accuracy and fire rate even further. •Defeat the cartel – Without any official force coming to the aid of the citizens, the only way to stop the ongoing crimes is to retaliate. The Cartel is a loose network of super-powerful drug cartels that distribute narcotics and distribute crime across the cities, from Los Angeles to New York. Note: Big Bank DLC


A Traveler’s Photo Album Features Key:

  • ANDIES X & Y – Gorgeous graphics featuring latest EVE features
  • OFFICIAL TROOPS: New 3.2 build with improved artillery, new lights and a higher damage cap

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EVE Online: 110 PLEX

EVE Online: 110 PLEX Game Key features:

  • ANDIES X & Y – Gorgeous graphics featuring latest EVE features
  • OFFICIAL TROOPS: New 3.2 build with improved artillery, new lights and a higher damage cap


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    This game is a platform game in which you are a dwarf that wants to get to the top, by any means possible! You will have to climb, fly through space and even learn to love and care for creatures of other planets! Filled with many challenges to be met and overcome you are sure to find fun in this game! Be sure to play the game right! It is advised that you watch a short video before playing, as the controls are different on different screens. Unfortunately this game is just a casual side game and is not worth the attention of the main game! Here is the video for playing: If you love this game that is about a person with dwarfism and tries to live like the other, then why not support it 🙂 This game offers free DLCs, which will change the background. Currently in a beta version, a.k.a unstable, so please be aware! ———————————- BE SURE TO BUG REPORT! The bug report can be at Why not even write down your screenshot or video or if you are lucky then at least your bug! Thanks everyone for your support! Download: You can find the APK here on the Google Play! Is there a reason why the tiles are created in the background or is it just a problem with my settings? :(( Have tried with v1.3.4 and v1.3.7 (both v1.3.7 have a bug) Also tried to disable the Background Manager in the Gameplay and Graphics settings, but that did not help. A little help please! :'( Note: every time the tiles are created in the background, there is a 3-5 second delay in the beginning. Hey guys, sorry I haven’t released any new content for the last few days, as it should be obvious I was busy with the beta version for a long time. But I have a question for you: When I click on “Start Game”, I can get the background manager to start working (or at least, I think so). But when I start the game for the first time and I leave


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  • 1. Open “Game Pro Backups” icon on the desktop
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  • 3.Click the Next >
  • 5. Press “Install to install this software
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  • 7. A black window will appear showing the hack is working. It’s ok. You did everything right…

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