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1. Windows key + Up or Down
2. Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide
3. Decimal point and Clear/Clear screen
4. Delete the last character
5. Square root
6. Random Number
7. Clear value or overwrite value
8. Copy value
9. Scroll
1. A real Calculator
2. Calculator +
3. Calculator + on Windows Phone
1. We have a support team available 24/7 to answer questions you may have about using a Windows PC or Windows phone.
2. In the event you find your account has been compromised and a password reset is required, a password reset token will be sent to your registered email address.
Key Macro is a powerful calculator app, which allows you to add different Windows shortcut keys to any app for convenient operation, as well as execute any command instantly with key combinations, without opening the target app.
Key Macro is an advanced key combination manager, and it is the only powerful and easy-to-use calculator app, which includes more than 500 different shortcuts, including Windows/Mac and Windows Phone shortcuts.
Key Macro is an app like Keyboard Maestro, but it is much more powerful. You can use the app to record any Mac or Windows keyboard shortcuts, any sequence of keyboard keys, any button of any app, or even any built-in Windows functions and hotkeys. It is a perfect tool for gamers, programmers, web developers, Windows users, system administrators, and anyone who spends a lot of time using the Windows OS.
Key Macro provides a couple of ways to launch the target app. You can set the default shortcut key to launch the app with a simple key combination (Ctrl+1), or you can configure the app to launch the app only when pressed.
Key Macro supports command line switches for every function. You can activate/deactivate recording for each function with the switches.
Key Macro supports unlimited hotkeys configuration with the help of.mac file. You can define unlimited hotkeys and add them to.mac file..mac file will help you to define hotkeys easily in many applications. And with hotkeys, you can define your own hotkeys easily, no need to open keyboard menu every time you want to define hotkeys.
Key Macro can also launch the apps quickly with hotkeys and key combinations.
Key Macro supports hotkeys for menu items of Windows Explorer. You can define hotkeys 70238732e0

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On Windows PCs, KeyMacro is a full-featured key remapping program that can help you to easily and quickly define your favorite hot keys. While using Windows, you will be able to enjoy a more efficient way of using your computer, thanks to your personal key mapping. For example, in your standard command line editor, you will be able to speed up your editing task by pressing the “F3” key to enter the editing window.
This shortcut can be mapped to any keyboard key combination that you prefer. On the other hand, you can also define custom hotkeys to launch your favorite applications, or to increase your productivity. You can also use the program to define more advanced features, such as combination shortcuts. For example, you can define a hotkey that allows you to browse to the directory where a specific file is located and to open it automatically.
More and more people around the world are becoming keyboard users, because they want to have more efficient and customized ways to work with their computer. This is why you can expect an increasing number of users of KeyMacro on Windows. This software is simple and easy to use, which will ensure your satisfaction with this program.

Keyboard Utilities Description:
Keyboard Utilities is a collection of “fancy” (sometimes colorful) keyboard shortcuts that you can use to manage your Windows keyboard more easily.
This small collection of utilities is made to help you customize shortcuts that will come in handy, for example, when you want to create macros or change your keyboard’s icon. To get started, simply install the program and launch it. You will then be able to access the utilities from any other part of the program.
Once you have registered your favorite shortcuts and chosen your icon (if you wish), you will be able to quickly access all your shortcuts via a convenient menu. You can launch, for example, a web browser to open a specific website or a media player to play a specific audio file.
When you launch the program, the default shortcuts that have been configured for you will be automatically displayed in the shortcuts’ menu. You can then change them to your liking and save them in a personalized registry key, so that you will not have to reconfigure them every time you start the program.
The program can be set to start automatically after you reboot the system or when you start Windows. It is also possible to use the program to create and manage more advanced shortcuts, such as those that will open different windows or applications.
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